Nigerian wife narrates her ‘wedding night experience’ with hubby

“After my wedding, I was exhausted. I was so stressed. I was kuku not feeling fine few days to the wedding, so all this added to my stress. All I wanted was to get in bed and sleep. The whole ‘wedding night’ serenre can start after I rest small.

Whispered this to hubby in the car, and his tiredness agreed with mine.

As husbae and I got into our hotel room, he held me close, stared deep into my eyes, and said ‘I love you’, in a faint whisper filled with emotions. My ears could barely pick the words, but my heart felt it.

He lifted me and made me sit on the dressing table and reached for the face wipes. Slowly, lovingly and carefully, he wiped every layer of make up as I brought up funny gists.

Several wipes down, and I had to keep quiet so he could clean my lipstick. He took his time; tracing the lines and fullness of my lips. His eyes fixated on the lips. I caught myself alternating between swallowing and parting my lips.

There was a wry smile on his lips. He knew the effect he had on me, and he was enjoying every bit of it. My brain probably went on a break for few seconds, because next thing I see, he was shirtless and our lips were locked in a passionate kiss that made our bodies quiver.

‘On a scale of 1-10, how tired are you?’ He breathed against my lips. ’15’, I replied as I nibbled his lips. ‘But that doesn’t matter now, I need you. Right now!!’ I whispered into his ears as I sucked his ear lobes.

The tiredness I was feeling, a distant memory. The ‘wedding night’ serenre was finally going to happen. My happiness and excitement made my body quiver more.

Still on the dressing table, his lips and hands emitted different sounds from me.

Then there was a knock on the door. We ignored, because it has to be a mistake. It was definitely the wrong door.

But they didn’t go away.
The knock persisted. It sounded urgent. Then we heard our names. The voices were familiar.
Hubby cursed under his breath for the umpteenth time as he grabbed a robe and went to the door. I adjusted my dress and joined him.

“Please who did you leave Flourish with?” was the question that greeted us as we opened the door.

Flourish was our little bride. 3 years old.
“What do you mean? We haven’t been with Flourish since after the photo session”. I replied.

“Alero said she saw her in your car after the reception”. Her mom said. The fear visible in her voice. She had been very busy during the party.

From 4 rooms away, one of the girls on my bridal train opened their door and said, “She is here”. “She fell asleep in my arms and someone said they already notified her mom. Didn’t mean to scare y’all. Sorry”.

They all rushed to that door.

Hubby was too dazed to respond. He closed the door, took off the robe and slumped on the couch.

“Let me just rest small before I bath”.

“Okay, when you’re ready, tell me so we can bath together”, I said as I laid on the cozy bed. Next time we opened our eyes was to the sound of my phone alarm.

Its 5 O’Clock in the morning. Our wedding morning. The wedding night never happened.”

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