Afrobeat’s superstar BURNA BOY has confirmed that he has a new album coming and in this next album, he says “I need you to hear the pain in my voice.”

Although he’s yet to reveal the date of release, “Burna Boy” the singer whose last album  “Twice As Tall” won Best Global Music Album at the 2021 Grammys shared a series of tweets about his next album saying:
This next album. I need you to hear the pain in my voice, The pain of an OUTSIDER, Forever marked by my skin ,my past and the place I come from No matter how skilled I am or how honorable I proved myself.
I forever suffer. The full eyed masses hatred of anything they do not understand. I embraced my pain and turned it into the greatest weapon this world will ever know.
His new album features Coldplay’s Chris Martin singing about colonialism, and the African Giant has much to say about the UK Afrobeats chart. Just don’t ask him about Beyoncé.

On his forthcoming fifth studio album, ‘Twice As Tall’, Burna pulls off the musical equivalent of blowing it all into fucking space. He describes the record as “a continuation” of last year’s ‘African Giant’, the acclaimed album which perfected his alchemical blend of Afrobeat’s, dancehall and hip-hop, and established him as one of the globe’s biggest stars.

Burna boy grams
burna boy grams

‘African Giant’ featured guest spots from the likes of Damian Marley, Jorja Smith and Future, and picked up a Grammy nomination for Best World Music Album. Although Burna wound up losing out to the Beninese singer Angelique Kidjo, she used her speech to dedicate the award to him, saying: “Burna Boy is among those young artists that come from Africa that is changing the way our continent is perceived.”

For ‘Twice As Tall’, Burna brought in Sean ‘Diddy’ Combs as executive producer, and Combs in turn facilitated collaborations with the likes of Timbaland and Anderson .Paak. None of that has in any way diluted Burna’s music, or his message. Breathtaking stand-out track ‘Monsters You Made’ reverberates with eloquent fury against systems of oppression. Although it was written in January, the song feels powerfully resonant with this summer’s reckoning with the racist legacies of historical figures and institutions.

There was only one man Burna ever considered to sing the hook for ‘Monsters You Made’: Coldplay’s Chris Martin. “I had the two verses and an empty space for the hook, but in my mind I was like: ‘Bro, if I don’t get Coldplay on this one then I’m just gonna release it with no hook’,” he remembers with a laugh.
When I ask why it had to be Martin, Burna mulls over his answer: “I don’t know the English words to put this in, or the politically correct words to use for this, but he’s one of the only people that could bring that balance and still relate.” Is it, I suggest, something to do with contrasting the verses’ stinging critique of white Western imperialism with a hook sung by one of the biggest stars in mainstream white Western pop? “That’s the balance,” he agrees. “He’s the only one that could have pulled that off.”

These are all BURNA’S working plans for the awaiting Album ( Twice As Tall). Now, should we expect what suits his declarations above ?? Yes , we should, that’s because the personalities involved in this project are known legends; the likes of Sean Diddy Combs; Timberland and Anderson Paak. We should gladly anticipate some level of proficiency put together by these GURUS. This is coming like another blast !!!
“BURNA BOY we celebrate you” his fans exclaim. He’s got them all ENGROSSED !!!

Written by Victor Jonah

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